Breanna For Fun

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Breanna For Fun
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About me:

47 year old Female from Dallas, Texas, United States
I grew up in East Texas so yes, I'm a country girl that happens to love living in the city.
I enjoy so many things so it's easier saying it like this: If a man likes doing it, I will too.
Uh-huh Hot Chicks included. I can appreciate spending time with a beautiful woman (I ain't playing)
I am not afraid to say what I want or what turns me on, plus you get it faster that way.
I love smiling and I want the ones around me to have that same feeling, that's why I put my heart and soul into everything I do. Might not always turn out quite as I had hoped but at that point I consider it one hell of an experience.
I am 45 yrs. old and I have no clue why I look younger (lord, I'm not even gonna waste time trying to figure that one out) I'm just gonna keep on saying Thank ya Lord!
Back in 2000 I use to work at Centerfolds in Houston so a pole does not scare me, it just makes me wanna jump on it. (Oh stop it) you're the one thinking nasty (grin) I was being serious!
I love going to toy stores! I'm the one that's poking my finger thru the hole to see how it feels while walking towards the unique section. Oh .. out of black bags! I will pack it out proudly, I got this!!!
I appreciate you taking the time to read my profile because it tells me you want to learn more about me.
This is a lifestyle for me which means I am thankful I get the opportunity to meet so many different people. One can't have too many friends.

If you're looking to hire a prostitute or an escort then you may need to keep searching. Now, if you're looking to spend time with a lady that will enjoy meeting you, have a wonderful conversation with you or perhaps...then I am the right fit. Keep in mind, I am not responsible for my actions!

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